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Texas 3v2 West Genny Back to School Lax Fest 2017

3 v2 Back to School LaxFest at the University of Texas Caven Lacrosse Center at Clark Field on January 13, 2018 - so mark your calendars!

West Genny or Basketball Lax is great fun and now you and your team can compete in the Texas Back to School LaxFest.

3 v 2 is a fast paced,  small sided game of fast break lacrosse with multiple touches. Teams of 10-12 field players and 1 or 2 goalies play against each other in 10 minute games. 30 yards between goals. 3 offensive players attack the goal being defended by 2 players. The last offensive player to touch the ball is out and the remaining 2 players go back down on defense against 3 new players from the other team. Play is constant up and down the field action! Each team will play 4-5 games.

Registration Opens December 1st!

Field Directions - Click Here


2017 Longhorn Shootout!

Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in Round Rock, Texas

The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex includes 4 natural grass multipurpose fields and 1 natural grass championship field, 4 synthetic turf multipurpose fields and 1 synthetic turf championship field, parking, Musco sports lighting, restroom/concessions building, spectator amenities, playground and more. The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex is now open for play . This state-of-the-art venue will allow Round Rock to host many new sporting events, including Lacrosse - The 2017 Texas Longhorn Shootout!!!

Registration Opens in the Fall for Team Texas Free Agent Players!!!


For more information about the Longhorn Shootout please visit -

Varsity Team

Tom O'Grady


Phone: (407) 435-4056

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